Who I am?

Hi, welcome into the SaruHoshi World.

I am Saru Hoshi the creator and precursor of the art movement le "pop art Guyanais".


Originally inspired by the pop art, cartoon, manga and artist like Basquiat and Murakami, the last 20 years I have built my own vision of art.

The "pop art Guyanais" is a South American pop art movement; his uniqueness is by the mix with pop art, tembe art and the add of Native American and Bushnengue mythology character.

I am a Creole which means by definition I have so much going on in my blood, and that is reflecting into my painting.

The saruhoshiworld is more than a name it is a whole universe with superheroes and super villain. Plants, insect, Gods and goddess from the South American rainforest are represented with the "pop art Guyanais" touch.

The life into the saruhoshiworld is epic, and the stronger is often not the one you think but after all the purest heart always succeed.

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Saru Hoshi

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